2008 Research Topics

Project Description Prerequisites
Hardware Projects
Cognitive Radio with WARP platform WARP platform integration into ORBIT testbed (advanced communication system design with Xilinx ISE and Core Generator) Software: Matlab, Xilinx ISE, VHDL/Verilog
Xilinx FPGA
Cognitive Radio with WINC2R platform Developing functional verification self-checking tests for cognitive radio experimental FPGA platform. Working knowledge and experience in writing VHDL design and test code. Software: VHDL/Verilog, Modelsim
Xilinx FPGA
Noise Generation Topology control in ORBIT via integration of new noise generator hardware
Software: VHDL, Xilin ISE,C,Linux Device Drivers
Xilinx FPGA
Software Projects
Spectrum Coordination Develop a sensor network testbed by integrating ZigBee (Telos) motes onto Orbit testbed and extending existing experimental infrastructure. Perform spectrum coordination experiments with Zigbee, Bluetooth and 802.11b in the 2.4 Ghz band. Software: Linux, C/C++, Java
Software Radio Develop a distributed SDR framework based on USRP and GNU radio software and integrate it with Orbit testbed Software: Linux, C/C++, Python
Robotic/Virtual Mobility Implementation of various ORBIT related mobility models on both robotic platfrom as well as ORBIT testbed. Software: Linux, C, XML, Java
Network Visualization Network visualization software for ORBIT portal. Design network views for users, system administrators and visitors and implement GUIs Software: Linux, C, Python/Perl/PHP
Cooperative PHY Cooperative PHY implementation using the GNU radio Software: Linux, C/C++, Python
Integrated Wired-Wireless experimentation Start with protocol spec, implement basic transport mechanisms for CNF and test with a combination of wired and wireless nodes by using ORBIT and PlanetLab. Software: Linux, C/C++,Ruby