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Android Team - Conferencing App

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Richard Romanowski | Rutgers University - 2012 | Electrical and Computer Engineering minor in Math


The primary objectives for the conference application is not only to allow a live stream of a meeting but to also allow the user to ‘freely move’ around the room with their Android device. This application helps users attend important conference meetings at the comfort of their homes.

In order to implement this our team has come up with an idea where we can live stream the conference and allow users to move around the room. First, our team will be using two Kinect devices to portray a 3-D like environment of the room in which the two Kinects will be connected to a dedicated server where the Android devices can connect to during ongoing meetings. Next, we will allow users to focus and rotate to a certain area within the room by the use of simple gestures on the Android devices. [The tools used in this project are Eclipse and Android Development Tools.]

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