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Client Stack has following requirements in order to support features of MobilityFirst,

  • Separation of naming and addressing
  • Hop-by-hop link level data transfer
  • Ad-hoc routing support
  • Multi-homing support


 Handle  <---- Open (scheme<GUID>, options)
 Send (handle, message, size, options)
 Sendto (handle, message, size, GUID, options)
 Recv (handle, buffer, size, &src-GUID, options)
 Recvfrom (handle, buffer, GUID, size, options)
 Close (handle)

'scheme' : Capture application intents & Enable protocol customization

A example of 'scheme': video-s://

  • 'video', a real time application, no end-to-end reliability
  • 's', security layer required
  • '', resolved to a GUID

Layering in MF Client Stack

Network Manager

Unique feature enabling Multi-homing.

  • Monitor & control interfaces
  • Interact with other components of the stack.
  • Make decision of interface usage based on 'User Policy'


Data OUT Path

  • Transport Layer makes a message from App to Chunks then pass it to Network Layer
  • Network Layer puts a Chunk from Transport Layer or storage to the 'itf queue' of Segmentor based on 'itf query' result return by Network Manager
  • Segmentor makes a Chunk into frames and transmit them through right itf

Data IN Path

  • Aggregator resembles frames to Chunks, then pass it to Network Layer
  • Network Layer either pass the Chunk to Transport Layer or store it
  • Transport Layer resembles Chunks into Message and send it to application

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