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Emotiv EEG

Emotiv System's only current product is the Emotiv EPOC, a $300 peripheral for gaming on Windows PCs. Emotiv Systems claims the headset will make it possible for games to be controlled and influenced by the player's mind, and facial expressions. It connects wirelessly with the PC, and may in the future work on other game platforms such as consoles. The Epoc was designed by a Emotiv Systems in conjunction with the Sydney based Industrial Design consultancy 4design.

The WinlabEEG project currently uses this EEG headset for research and development.

Project Goals

  1. Develop GUI that works on Linux
  2. Read information from Emotiv headset
  3. Use Emotiv headset in conjunction with the Roomba

Current Team Members

  • William Pan
  • Jordan Romvary
  • Katherine Liu
  • Jonathan Ting
  • Krishna Yellayi