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AR.Drone Automated Tracker

Project Overview

The AR.Drone quadricopter has been designed to be controlled by smartphones through the use of an application (Android and Iphone). However, this group will use the AR.Drone SDK to command the quadricopter to follow an object or person by using the built-in sensors and camera of the quadricopter. Eventually, the AR.Drone will be controlled by a person just thinking the commands, using the Emotic EPOC headset.


  • Control the AR.Drone quadricopter with Linux.
  • To program the AR.Drone to track and follow a desired object without manually controlling it.
  • Collaborate with the Brain Computer Interface group to control the AR.Drone by just thinking via the Emotiv EPOC headset.

Tracking Color Demo


  • Hugo Charles
  • Juan Antialon

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