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ICEMAN: Intelligent Circuit Equipped Mobile Autonomous Network

Project Abstract

The ICEMAN jacket is designed to process information from the environment and to provide the wearer with usable feedback. Through the use of sensors and actuators, the jacket is able to respond to various situations. Programmed in Arduino, the sensors are connected to processor boards, that are embedded in the jacket. The Arduino boards are connected via Bluetooth to an Android device, which processes and logs the data. The ICEMAN jacket has potential for a variety of applications, including gaming, rehabilitation, sports training, and workplace safety.


  • 9 Degrees of Freedom Stick (Accelerometer/ magnetometer/ gyroscope) recognizes hand and arm gestures
  • Heat sensors, light sensors, pressure sensors, and microphones used to obtain other miscellaneous information
  • LEDs and buzzers programmed to respond to sensor inputs
  • Android application used to output sensor data and control the jacket

System Architecture

  • Consists of 3 programmable lilypad Arduino boards which are sewn into the jacket
  • Sensors and Actuators are attached via conductive thread to Arduino boards
  • Conductive thread will be sprayed with nonconductive substance to prevent short circuits
  • Arduino boards are controlled with the Android application via bluetooth

Team Members

  • Maxime Delachavonnery
  • Peter Lin
  • Geoffrey Oh
  • John Reed
  • Stephen Shanko

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