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Inteligent Parking Systems: ParkNet Project

Project description:

ParkNet - A mobile system comprising vehicles that colect parking space occupancy information while driving by. In the ParkNet system, all vehicles are equipped with ultrasonic rangefinder sensor which determine if parking spot is available and GPS device which report availability information to the central server.


Despite the significant investments over the last few decades to enhance and improve road infrastructure worldwide, the capacity of road networks has not kept pace with the ever increasing growth in demand. As a result, congestion has become endemic to many highways and city streets. In the densely populated areas congestion is also due to parking. While searching for available parking spaces, driver are slowing down traffic and increasing travel times of travelers in that region. This problem can be solved by providing reliable real-time information about on street parking spot availability.

Data set:

Parknet data set is collected in the downtown Brooklyn area using 6 ParkNet vehicles. It consist out of ~1.5 million data points, where for every data point we know GPS position of ParkNet vehicles and range value of ultrasonic sensor. The ultrasonic sensor provides reading from 12 to 255 inches every 50 ms. In addition to coordinates and sensor readings, camera pictures are available for every data point. These camera pictures are not part of the system and they are used in experiments as ground truth.

Author: Vladimir Coric (vladimir.coric@…) Advisor: Marco Gruteser

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