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    1616==== Decoding 4 or 5 bit Codes ==== 
    1717After reading the logs and scanning for the events we needed, I needed to apply an algorithm to accurately determine which groups of events were 1 bits and which were 0 bits. An algorithm already created by my mentor was outlined to me and I ported it to the android device. This algorithm would place the events into "bucket" or time intervals that counted the number of events that were between the beginning time and the ending time of the interval. There were 4 + 2 extra buckets that were needed since the codes were cyclic. Using these buckets as well as shifting them for more accuracy, we determined the code based on the number of events that were in each bucket that were close to the average number of events for a "one" bit and the average number of events for a "zero" bit.  
    18 ==== Login Screen Application & other Test Tools==== 
     18==== Login Screen Application & other Test Tools ==== 
    1919After decoding the ring, I built a login screen application for testing purposes. having the codes inside the login screen and applying the decoding I had the application set the user wallpaper to a specific picture that indicated the owner of the ring. Other tools I created was a graph tool to graph the number  of events in each bucket so that one could visually inspect the accuracy of the decoding on the device.  
    2020==== Build New Rings for different Codes ====