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Wireless Cloud Computing

Project Objective:

To provide cloud services on locally available internet-enabled devices.


The need for this idea is in the regions where internet bandwidth is extremely slow. With low bandwidth, fetching data from a distant server is not efficient. One solution could be to install a Data center. But Installing a data center is neither easy, nor cheap. Hence, our solution can be of help. The cloud can be hosted on locally available laptops and smart-phones. One motivation behind this idea is that, computational and communication capabilities of laptops and smart-phones are increasing day-by-day. It can be put to better use. This is what our project aims at.

Setup Diagram:


Experimental Methodology:

There are multiple stages that this project takes.

  1. Start with basic: We started with installation of OpenStack? cloud software on Orbit machines. Then we ran map-reduce applications on them using Hadoop-An infrastructure for map-reduce applications.
  1. Test the performance of map-reduce: To evaluate the performance of map-reduce on low bandwidth networks, we decided to initially remove the complexities of OpenStack?. We deployed Hadoop on Orbit nodes.

The stages of performance tests are as follows:

  1. Number of servers varied from 1-15
  1. Ethernet Bandwidth varied from 1 GBPS to 1 MBPS

The application that we used was Terasort. We sorted 108 bytes of data on Hadoop. The results are as follows:

Result Table


The growth of the execution time is as follows:

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