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Winlab Summer Internship 2012 Projects

Project Participants Links
WiMAX Base Station Programming Jeffrey Rabinowitz* !WiMAX
ICEMAN Maxime Delachavonnery*, Geoffrey Oh*, Peter Lin*, John Reed*, Stephen Shanko* ICEMAN
Context Aware Group Messaging Jason Tam*, David Shen*, Scott Xu* Context?

Winlab Summer Internship 2011 Projects

Project Participants Links
ParkNet: Participatory Sensing for finding Parking Spaces Joshua Devasagayaraj* ParkNet Pages
RF Monitoring: Spectrum Sensing with Cognitive Radio Chun-Ta Kung, Neeraj Venkatesan* RF Monitoring
Bandwidth Exchange: Incentives for Cooperative Wireless Shantharam Balasubramanian, Siddharth Paradkar*, Abdelhakim Ergaibi* Bandwidth Exchange
Glider PMI: A power management system for the Slocum undewater glider Jared Murray*, Alexander Udovic*, John Pacheco* Glider PMI
MobilityFrist: Next generation Internet architecture Xiruo Liu, Kai Su, Yinghui Dong, Nehal Somani, Sangeetha Siddegowda, Kasturirangan Penugonde, Chunhui Zhang !MobilityFirst
Android: Platform virtualization and integration with 3D conferencing Richard Romanowski*, Hurshal Patel*, Allan Mistura* Conferencing App
Brain Computer Interface: EEG based human-machine interface William Pan*, Jordan Romvary*, Katherine Liu*, Jonathan Ting*, Krishna Yellayi WinlabEEG
Kinect: 3D conferencing application and integration with a gesture processing system. Kyle Soska*, Shaun Kotikalapudi*,Verine Dande Kinect Project
NC-OFDM: Practical implementation of non-contiguous OFDM modulation Ajay Iyer NC-OFDM
Visual MIMO: Camera based Optical Wireless system for V2V communications Michael Varga*, Maureen Lim-Chua* Visual MIMO
CRKit: Bus Functional Model (BFM) simulation of GENI cognitive radio platform Tejashri Kuber CRKit-BFM Simulation
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